Senin, 07 Agustus 2017

Conversation (at the party)

Aina     : "The party is so crazy! There are a lot of handsome guy here!"
Annisa : "HAHA! I'm agree with you!"
Aina     : "By the way, i don't know your name! What's your name?"
Annisa  : "Yeah, I'm Annisa but you can call me Icha. How about you?"
Aina     : "I'm Aina."
Annisa  : "That's a good name! Why are you here?"
Aina     : "Thanks. I'm here for looking a new guy to show him to my ex."
Annisa : "Wow, that's a good and worth reason."
Aina     : "How about you?"
Annisa  : "Mmmm, i'm so bored in my house."
Aina     : "Excuse me, may i know the reason why are you bored in your house?"
Annisa : "I'm alone in my house, and it makes me feel so lonely. Forget about this and let's talk about                 another topics."
Aina     : "Oh, yeah i'm so sorry. So, where are you come from?"
Annisa : "It's okay. I'm from Palembang."
Aina     : "Wow, Palembang! One of my favourite basketball player was born in Palembang! And my                   favourite food is Pempek from Palembang too! Wow!"
Annisa : "Yeah! I very very very love that food. And i love the scenery of the Ampera Bridge. By the                 way, where are you come from?"
Aina     : "My mother is from Los Angeles and my father is from Jakarta."
Annisa : "Wow, you're so cool! Then, how about your handsome guy? Have you find him?"
Aina    : "So far, i think i found him, but he's in the toilet right now."
Annisa : "What's your type of guy?"
Aina     : "I like a guy with a lot of money and a big muscles. And don't forget the cute smile. And                       how about you?"
Annisa : "Ouh, you're a picky girl! Nice! I like a guy that he can plays guitar."
Aina     : "Ooohh, nice type!"
Annisa : "Thanks. How about your age?You look like a young girl!"
Aina     : "No, i'm actually 25. How about you?"
Annisa : "I'm  21 now."
Aina    : "Oh, you're younger than me!"
Annisa : "What's your hobby?" 
Aina     : "Hmm, i think i like singing and painting."
Annisa : "What kind of music that you like?"
Aina     : "I like pop and rap song haha.."
Annisa  : "Wow, that's nice! Who's your favourite musician?"
Aina     : "I like Sam Smith and Meghan Trainor."
Annisa  : "I like them too!"
Aina     : "By the way, my new guy is waiting for me to go! I have to go, sorry! Good bye! It's so nice                 to meet you."
Annisa : "Nice to meet you too! I hipe we can meet again soon."

Senin, 31 Juli 2017

It's All About Me


           Let me introduce myself. Hello, I'm Reshaina Dewi Azizah Zahratuljannah (what a long name, right?). But, you guys can call me Aina. And sometimes, i like to write my name 'Aina Evans' because I really like Chris Evans, it's like I'm in love with him (even though he doesn't know that I'm exist). I was born in Bandung, July 29th 2002. And i was raised in Bandung too.
Chris Evans

          My mother's name is Shinta Arialistya. She's a housewife. My father's name is Endang Syamsudin. He's a dentist (as well as Chris Evans' father). I Also have a sister, her name is Lola, She's 5 year younger than me. I honestly sometimes don't like her, but I love her. We are all Muslim.

          I was graduated from Amalia Kindergaten, Anni'mah Elementary School, and Darul Hikam Junior High School. And now, I'm studying at 3 National High School Bandung. I've had English, Singing, Piano, Drawing, and Al-Qur'an courses when i was at Elementary School. But, when i went to Junior High School, i can't took a lot of courses, so i've just had Piano, Guitar, and English courses.

          I have a lot of hobbies. I like singing, playing piano, and drawing. I like to sing a lot of song that i like, pop, rap, and many more. I don't really like sport, but i can play some of it. I can cycling, small barbells, shot put, and i like to watch basketball game. I like CLS Knight team from Surabaya, especially Katon Adjie. And I also like Garuda Team from Bandung.
CLS Knights Surabaya

           And I also a huge fans of Big Time Rush. Big Time Rush is my favourite band of all time! They are all handsome and funny. If you guys watch their TV series, you'll laugh a lot! I especially like Logan Henderson from Big Time Rush. I think, he's the most handsome member. And I also a huge fans of Captain America because Chris Evans is the actor. And, I also like Nyle Dimarco. He's really great because he was the first deaf winner in America Next Top Model and Dancing With The Stars.
Big Time Rush

          I have trouble with my body weight. Sometimes, i hate my body. I did a lot of hard diet. But, when i knew Ashley Graham (a famous plus size model), i started to love myself. She really inspired me. She makes me realize that size doesn't really take effect in beauty. As long as you think that you're pretty with your body, you'll see that you're beautiful.

          I really want to be and actress and a singer. My dreams are i wanna play movie with Chris Evans and i wanna have colaborations with Big Time Rush and Sam Smith. But, i maybe can't do that thins because my mother won't let me do that. So, i think i'll be a doctor or a dentist someday. I wanna be like my father.